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Custom Earplugs and Earmolds

Learning to Protect Your Hearing

At Micron Audiology, we believe in the prevention of hearing loss and are dedicated to preserving sustainable natural levels. It is a passion of our audiologists to help guide patients on their journey to natural hearing, with clear goals in mind. With hearing loss having ties to other health conditions, maintaining a healthy balance in life should be a primary focus. Over 360 million children and adults suffer from some form of hearing loss, and many times it could be prevented. Any signs of a decline in hearing should be followed up with a visit to an audiologist, but there are many ways to protect yourself from hearing loss.

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom earplugs are made for patients that need protection for their hearing whether at work or at play. These custom-made products are beneficial by focusing on the specific needs of the situation they are being used for. When your job requires you to work around loud noises, ear protection is crucial. The same is true for hobbies that involve noise exposure. These earplugs will provide the protection you need while still allowing you to enjoy the recreation activities you love. With all of the benefits of custom earplugs, generic options are less appealing due to their diminishing effectiveness. A perfect fit is guaranteed with an ear impression, done by a licensed audiologist. 

Some of the custom-made products we offer include earplugs designed for these categories:

  • Water-based activities: For swimming, boating or water skiing, these types of earplugs can provide the noise reduction and water occlusion needed for these activities. With the ability to float on water, they are also less likely to get lost. 
  • Hunting: The loud pop of a gun is a noise that can shock the eardrums, even if you’re prepared for it. The reactive filter in these earplugs dampens loud noises to protect the user’s ears. 
  • Sleep: To get the best sleep possible, blocking out all unnecessary sounds can aid in the process. Sleep earmolds can do that, and are comfortable to wear all night.
  • Professional driving: Motorsports can be hard on the ears, even for seasoned vets. Earmolds in this category not only reduce noise, but are also built with a hollow canal to reduce wind buffeting.
  • Construction: Industrial environments are filled with loud machinery that can damage hearing over a sustained period. Earplugs built for construction-heavy environments are perfect for reducing loud sounds, and the custom-fit of this type of hearing protection is much more effective than generic earplugs.
  • Musicians: Custom earplugs are a valuable asset for musicians that want to normalize or isolate sound. Besides the protection from loud noises, these earplugs fully enhance the musical experience for a much richer sound balance. 

Contact one of the professionals at Micron Audiology to find out more about our custom earplugs and how they can benefit your lifestyle!