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"I am having a hard time keeping my excitement in check."

I live in an apartment building and I am constantly turning the T.V. volume up and down because I was not able to hear every word that was being said. I would miss so much of every show and be so frustrated. I would not increase the T.V. volume beyond what I thought might be an acceptable level for my neighbors. I now have a device from Micron Audiology that has been programmed through my hearing aids for T.V. I can now have the volume where I need it to be and it cannot be heard at all by my neighbors. So now I can relax and enjoy for the first time in years and no more frustration. What a blessing. Thank you Micron.      -Sharon S., 8/11/17

"Great support"

My employer furnished funding for my hearing aids. I have been getting maintenance and service from Micron Audiology since receiving my hearing aids and have had very good support.      -Stan S., 8/14/17

"I encourage anyone out there to see John."

I am an active, gigging bass player. Have been using hearing aids about 20 years. I have never been satisfied with how they worked for me. Through John, I discovered I have 90-degree curves in my ear canals. So John custom-made molds and had larger speakers installed. This was all with my old set of hearing aids I thought had to be replaced, mind you. I can hear like never before. My attention to mid-tones has gone way up. The appreciation of my own voice has gone way up, and I'm not really a singer. John made a special setting just for playing live and capturing all the sound I could. All these years of running around half hearing are gone.  Sincerely,       -Steven G., 9/14/17

"Professional and respectful"

I have been a very satisfied patient for several years. I find Johnny and staff very professional and respectful. On a scale of 1-10 they are 10+. I would not hesitate referring anyone to Micron Audiology for their hearing needs.      -Jerry M., 1/1/18

"Excellent care"

I've always received excellent care at Micron Audiology and though my visits are infrequent, I actually look forward to my appointments and the way they always go the extra mile. I can honestly say I can't imagine being treated any better anywhere. As a veteran, they've provided some of my services at reduced costs and some absolutely free! If your hearing's going south and you're a veteran who enjoys people who not only say "thank you for your service" but also show their appreciation in a tangible way, contact Micron Audiology.       -Dwight N., 1/18/18