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Pediatric Audiology

Hearing loss in children can be particularly concerning since it can affect their ability to learn and connect with others. We at Micron Audiology are dedicated to helping you look after the hearing health needs of your little ones. We have the ability to test children as young as 4 years old, and can remove wax from small ears or check for the presence of infection with the use of a video otoscope. When appropriate, we will refer out to an otolaryngologist for treatment. We have access to a wide selection of hearing aids, FM systems and compatible equipment that help children with hearing loss perform better in the classroom, where success is the most important. Hearing education can be facilitated in multiple ways, and with children it is especially important to start early. 

Hearing Loss in Children

Most children suffer from conductive hearing loss rather than sensorineural, the type which most commonly affects adults. Conductive hearing loss is often the result of ear infections, impacted wax, a hole in the ear drum or a birth defect.  These conditions can usually be treated with antibiotics or surgery. Children with sensorineural hearing loss are typically born with it. Other causes can include illness, premature birth or certain types of medications. While not medically treatable, many children with sensorineural hearing loss benefit from the use of hearing aids. But without a proper diagnosis, children and their parents will have no idea there is a treatable problem. Additionally, hearing problems can be tied to multiple underlying medical issues, and when left untreated can cause performance issues in school. Some of the symptoms to look out for if you suspect your child has a hearing loss are: speech and language delays, not startling at loud sounds, needing louder volumes when listening to audio, academic problems and needing repetition of verbal instructions multiple times. Parents can always check up with their children’s hearing health by coming in for a visit at Micron Audiology.


There are many ways to prevent further hearing loss in children. The biggest priority is an evaluation, but afterward these methods have also proven useful.

  • Toys/video games should be set to a normal volume
  • Music at an acceptable level trains the brain to sound
  • Ears should always be kept warm and dry
  • Ear infections related to the cold/flu should be treated immediately
  • Excessive earwax should be cleaned at home or professionally
  • Foam earplugs should be used during loud events

How Can We Help?

Micron Audiology is a great resource for parents seeking more information about the pediatric side of audiology. We believe children should be able to learn without the disadvantages of poor hearing health, and we are committed to helping your child be better prepared for the future. Whether it’s hearing screenings, wax maintenance or amplification devices to help your child remain focused and engaged in the classroom, we welcome the opportunity to assist your child in achieving the best sound experience possible.