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Hearing Aid Repairs

Because of how technologically advanced today’s hearing aids are becoming, they can sometimes have issues, even with proper care. A lot of these problems can be prevented with regular maintenance, while some are unavoidable. 

When your hearing aids are not operating at full capacity, our audiologist s can advise you on how to do some troubleshooting at home. If that doesn’t solve the issue, you can always bring them in to Micron Audiology. Free lifetime cleanings and checks come standard with all hearing aids purchased at our office, and many repairs can be done without sending the hearing aid to the manufacturer. Our patients will always have access to educational material and advice to help with hearing aid management. 

Keeping hearing aids functional

Dehumidifiers are one of the best tools for prolonging the life of a hearing aid. These small machines are specially made for hearing devices of all types to kill germs, remove moisture and dry earwax. They can even deodorize hearing aids so that they come out fresh and ready to wear for a full day. Wearers can refresh their hearing aids while they sleep, resulting in better sound quality, longer battery life and fewer repairs. 

Other maintenance tips that have proved useful involve daily cleaning. Earwax and other debris can collect on a hearing aid, blocking its full potential. When foreign objects aren’t cleaned off, they can cause major damage to the hearing device. A simple cleaning with a cloth takes seconds and can be done whenever time permits. Another good way to protect hearing aids is with the use of a case when they’re not in use. Leaving hearing aids out in the open can lead to many unfavorable circumstances, including losing one of your devices. And with pets and small children in the area, the potential damage increases. 

Hassle-free repairs

Patients can take the steps necessary in their own time to do light maintenance and repairs on hearing aids, but Micron Audiology still has you covered. Our audiologists recommend that you schedule appointments every three months for them to look at your devices and make sure they are still functioning properly. Our professionals are very knowledgeable about hearing aids and can often detect minor issues before they become bigger problems. Many repairs can be done in-house, but when hearing aids do need to be sent to the factory, we will do our best to make sure they are returned to you in a timely manner. We understand how important they are to your lifestyle and quality of life. By being proactive with preventive care, our patients will always have devices that perform to the best of their ability.